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Community Rules


We want Derdost to remain an authentic and safe place where people can be inspired and express themselves. Help us make this community even better. Only upload your own photos and posts and always comply with the law. Respect everyone in Derdost. Don't spam people or post content containing nudity.


Derdost; It is a reflection of our rich community whose cultures, ages and beliefs are extremely diverse. We have thought in detail about different perspectives that will create a safe and open environment for everyone.

We've created Community Guidelines so you can help us make and protect this great community. Your use of Derdost means that you accept these rules and our Terms of Use. We are committed to these rules and hope you feel the same way. If you violate these rules, your content may be deleted, your account may be closed or you may encounter other restrictions.

In some cases, we allow content that would otherwise violate our Community Guidelines, but is newsworthy and shared in the public interest, to raise public awareness. We do this only after weighing the value of the content in terms of the public interest against the risk of harm, and we reference international standards on human rights when making these decisions.

  • Only share content you create or have the right to share.

    As always, you own the content you share on Derdost. Always share original content. Do not share anything you have copied or collected from the internet that you do not have the right to share.

  • Share content that will be suitable for a wide audience.

    We understand that people may occasionally want to share artistic or creative images that include nudity, but we do not allow nudity on Derdost for a number of reasons.

    People love sharing photos of their children. For security reasons, we may remove images of children that contain nudity or partial nudity. Even though these contents are shared with good intentions, they may be used by others in unexpected ways.

  • Ensure the development of meaningful and authentic interactions.

    Help us remain a spam-free community by not artificially collecting likes, followers or shares, not re-sharing the same comment or content, and not contacting people for commercial purposes without their consent. Don't offer money or giveaways in exchange for likes, followers, comments, or other interactions. Do not post content that promotes, encourages, facilitates or accepts the offer, solicitation or trade of false or misleading user reviews or ratings.

    You do not need to use your real name on Derdost, but Derdost users are required to provide us with their real and current information. Don't impersonate others or create accounts with the intent to violate our rules or mislead others.

  • Obey the law.

    Derdost; It is not a place to support or glorify terrorism, organized crime or hate groups. The offering of sexual services, the purchase and sale of firearms, alcohol and tobacco products between private individuals, and the purchase and sale of drugs or pharmaceuticals are also not permitted. We also remove content that attempts to trade, coordinate, donate, gift or solicit drugs, as well as content that condones or coordinates or encourages the personal use of drugs (unless in the context of recovery). Always follow the law when offering to sell or buy other regulated products. Accounts that promote online games of chance, real money games of skill, or lotteries must obtain our written permission before using any of our products.

    We act with the principle of zero tolerance regarding the sharing of sexual content involving minors and the threat of sharing intimate images of others.

  • Respect other members of the Derdost community.

    We want our community to be positive and rich in diversity. We remove content that contains credible threats or hate speech, content that targets specific individuals for the purpose of humiliating or humiliating, personal information intended to blackmail or harass someone, and repeated unsolicited messages. People who are the subject of the news or have a large public audience due to their profession or the activities they choose to do are generally more likely to be talked about.